An ERP system that grows with you

An ERP system that grows with you

We will help you create order and review your business. We have built business systems for the fashion industry for over 25 years and are well aware of your challenges.

Our service


Attire – we grow with you

Our unique ERP system

With Attire, you get a tool for integrating users, processes, and technology. All packaged in a sleek, simple and user-friendly way - just as it should be.


Everyone in our industry lives in their own world. Some have products with a short lifespan; others have long ones. Some have high production costs and some struggle with the challenges of large assortments with lots of sizes and colors. Not to mention the complexity of several simultaneous seasons, brands and a plethora of other categories.


We are a pioneer in this industry. Back in 1995, we began developing business systems for the fashion industry. We offer custom-designed IT support that serves as the beating heart of your business. Attire is, quite simply, your daily tool for managing the entire process. From the moment a product is created to the time your customer receives an invoice.


We choose our customers with care. We think of our collaborations a bit like marriage, as we hope to work together for a long time. Attire has historically focused on small and medium-sized companies in the fashion and sports industry. Today we’re also working with global brands and we love to grow with our customers.


You can easily integrate Attire with external systems such as webshop, cash register and financial systems. At the same time, you get a clear overview from which to manage your entire operation. Should you find that you lack any integration, we can quickly develop the necessary APIs.


At Attire, we are agile and responsive to your needs. In a rapidly changing world, it is extremely important to be able to find quick solutions without losing the long-term perspective. With our web- based system, for example, you’ll never need a local installation.

The Team

We are a mixed bag here at Attire, full of people from different backgrounds with different profiles. What brings us together is a pride of what we creates.

Most of us have been involved in building Attire from the beginning, and we are passionate about what we do. Our service is built on the basis of our team’s collective experience in customer-built business systems. Together, we have developed the most important functions. We have tweaked and polished, discussed and then developed a little more. Especially when we’re always continuing to develop new features and, each day, trying to get a little better. That is what drives us.

As you can probably tell, we want to offer the most flexible business system in the fashion industry. This naturally extends to our pricing model. That's why we offer:

  • Fixed monthly cost per user
  • Only one start fee per subscription
  • No fixed contract period

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Som du säkert redan förstått vill vi på Attire erbjuda modebranschen mest smidiga affärssystem.
Detta gäller självfallet också vår prismodell – därför erbjuder vi:

  • Fixed monthly cost per user
  • Only one start fee per subscription
  • No fixed contract period

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